A Sobering Day

I’ve just got home from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. We picked up our daughter Hannah, who has for the last week been at the bedside of her partner Jim.

Jim received serious injuries to his chest, serving in Afghanistan with 2 Mecian. He was shot through the chest during a fire fight. The bullet hit him below his collar bone, exited his back above the waist and lodged in his body armour, via his right lung!

With the bravery of the American Air force  PEDRO rescue team and their blackhawk helicopter, it took only 23 minutes to get him out and onto the operating table at Camp Bastion. The medical team there operated and “stapled” him back together, before flying him back to England.

Amazingly one week on he is able to stand, walk and talk! And will be home soon.

We are all so proud of his strength and bravery. He’s our Hero.

Unfortunately the wards are receiving many more casualties from the war, all the time. Lads who are suffering from atrocious injuries you would not want to imagine, let alone deal with. We don’t hear that much about them. They have to cope with appalling difficulties, yet still manage to stay cheerful and positive.

They are all Heroes.They deserve our respect.





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