The Lancashire Way at Lancs CCC

I spent the fun afternoon photographing at Lancs CCC at the launch of The Lancashire Way with stars from Sport, Media and Politics all joining in with the youngsters.SHP_8448 SHP_8451 SHP_8463 SHP_8466 SHP_8468 SHP_8476 SHP_8478 SHP_8482 SHP_8490 SHP_8496 SHP_8497 SHP_8499 SHP_8501 SHP_8506 SHP_8507 SHP_8509 SHP_8532 SHP_8536 SHP_8542 SHP_8544 SHP_8548 SHP_8549 SHP_8558 SHP_8561 SHP_8566 SHP_8571 SHP_8575 SHP_8579 SHP_8587 SHP_8591 SHP_8592 SHP_8596 SHP_8604 SHP_8614 SHP_8623 SHP_8628 SHP_8631 SHP_8635 SHP_8640 SHP_8646 SHP_8647 SHP_8656 SHP_8658 SHP_8660 SHP_8668 SHP_8674 SHP_8683 SHP_8688 SHP_8693 SHP_8698 SHP_8705 SHP_8710 SHP_8713 SHPL0487 SHPL0490 SHPL0494 SHPL0497 SHPL0509 SHPL0513 SHPL0516 SHPL0520 SHPL0528 SHPL0531 SHPL0533 SHPL0538 SHPL0542 SHPL0555 SHPL0561 SHPL0566 SHPL0567 SHPL0569 SHPL0573 SHPL0575 SHPL0578 SHPL0581 SHPL0582 SHPL0601 SHPL0610

What  with is The Lancashire Way?
An exciting joint project which Lancashire County Cricket Club, Lancashire County Cricket
Club Foundation and the Lancashire Cricket Board are undertaking throughout 2013.
Under the title, ‘Lancashire Way’ all three parties will be working closely together to
promote inclusivity and to raise the participation levels of cricket across our region through
six key initiatives.

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