Lancashire ccc v Kent Emirates Old Trafford Day1

Day 1 and its started on time!

Kent won the toss and elected to bat.

SHP_0010 SHP_0018 SHP_0049 SHP_0051 SHP_9867 SHP_9869 SHP_9875Kyle takes his second LBW

SHP_9867 SHP_9869 SHP_9875 SHP_9894 SHP_9905 SHP_9926 SHP_9931 SHP_9941 SHP_9955Only one wicket before lunch and that went to Kyle Hogg, dismissing Northeast LBW

SHP_9556 SHP_9582 SHP_9584

Sam Northeast LBWSHP_9596 SHP_9605 SHP_9627 SHP_9643

Rob Key investigates a sensitive box issue

SHP_9646 SHP_9649 SHP_9651 SHP_9655 SHP_9666 SHP_9706 SHP_9720 SHP_9736 SHP_9746 SHP_9762 SHP_9777 SHP_9791 SHP_9795 SHP_9828 SHP_9857


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