Lancashire ccc v Kent Emirates Old Trafford Day3

Day Three and beautiful sunshine, but bl**dy cold!!

Jimmy stayed in for a steady 26 and Ash seemed to be heading for 100 before going LBW, he didn’t look happy.

Lancs are in front as we end the day with Katich and Croft.

SHP_0600 SHP_0610 SHP_0620 SHP_0627 SHP_0630 SHP_0634 SHP_0650 SHP_0666 SHP_0679 SHP_0689

Also took photos of Jordan Clark to go with stories of his six sixes!SHP_0355 SHP_0386 SHP_0388 SHP_0414 SHP_0415 SHP_0442 SHP_0452 SHP_0488 SHP_0495 SHP_0502 SHP_0511 SHP_0524 SHP_0525 SHP_0537 SHP_0551 SHP_0554 SHP_0558

SHPL9278 SHPL9280 SHPL9289 SHPL9293 SHPL9301 SHPL9305 SHPL9308 SHPL9311 SHPL9316

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