Lancashire Lightning V Durham Dynamos, YB40, Emirates Old Trafford

Lancs took on Durham in their first one day game at Old Trafford, in brilliant sunshine.

SHP_1206 SHP_1211 SHP_1235 SHP_1249 SHP_1266 SHP_1286 SHP_1288 SHP_1300 SHP_1309 SHP_1372 SHP_1374 SHP_1380 SHP_1423 SHP_1447 SHP_1462 SHP_1539 SHP_1575 SHP_1610 SHP_1633 SHP_1662 SHP_1720 SHP_1738 SHP_1744 SHP_1756 SHP_1770 SHP_1792 SHP_1855 SHP_1863 SHP_1868 SHP_1943

Unfortunately it was not as bright day for Lancs on the field.

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