Lancashire CCC v Gloucestershire at Liverpool Aigburth day3 Photographs

Ashwell Prince and Gareth Cross steady the ship after Lancs loose wickets.


Prnce goes but Wayne White takes over to move Lancs on.SHP_0590 SHP_0593 SHP_0599 SHP_0602 SHP_0606 SHP_0621 SHP_0624SHP_0446

SHP_0528 SHP_0536 SHP_0548 SHP_0550 SHP_0560 SHP_0566 SHP_0568 SHP_0571 SHP_0575 SHP_0586SHP_0451 SHP_0479 SHP_0505

Lancs get Gloucestershire out for lunch, with Simon Kerrigan taking 5 but at a cost as Gidman hits a century.

!SHP_0148 SHP_0169 SHP_0172 SHP_0174 SHP_0189 SHP_0218 SHP_0223 SHP_0254 SHP_0315 SHP_0331 SHP_0353 SHP_0362 SHP_0364 SHP_0402 SHP_0404 SHP_0407 SHP_0429A  glorious sunny morning here at Aigburth and looking forward to a great days cricket, as things are fairly evenly balanced.


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