Lancashire Lightning v Scottish Saltiers YB40 Emirates Old Trafford Pictures

The new Pavilion was opened today and looks great. Its nice not to have a building site in the background of my photos after so long.

Simon Katich receives his Cap

SHPL0802SHP_1245 SHP_1250 SHP_1269 SHP_1332 SHP_1335 SHP_1344 SHP_1362 SHP_1429 SHP_1433 SHP_1458 SHP_1477 SHP_1482 SHP_1504 SHP_1510 SHP_1518 SHP_1523 SHP_1531 SHP_1595 SHP_1600 SHP_1611 SHP_1624 SHP_1650 SHP_1664 SHP_1666 SHP_1686 SHP_1696 SHP_1699 SHP_1729 SHP_1735 SHP_1749 SHPL0635 SHPL0691 SHPL0693 SHPL0703 SHPL0802

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