Lancashire 150th Anniversary Year

Here we are back at Old Trafford for the Start of their 150th Anniversary year, and today saw the launch of the Official Lancashire CCC 150th Anniversary Book,

150 Years of Lancashire Cricket 1864 – 2014

full of interesting facts and figures, loads to read and……..SHP_4332

It’s got a brilliant cover !!!

SHP_4335 SHP_4342 SHP_4345 SHP_4346 SHP_4350 SHP_4351 SHP_4355 SHP_4357 SHP_4359 SHP_4360 SHP_4362 SHP_4364 SHP_4365 SHP_4367 SHP_4369 SHP_4372 SHP_4373 SHP_4376 SHP_4379 SHP_4380 SHP_4382 SHP_4385 SHP_4387 SHP_4390 SHP_4391 SHP_4393 SHP_4401 SHP_4404 SHP_4409

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