Lancashire v Northhamptonshire LV= Day3

A selection of photos from the evening session, taken by my apprentice Dave Turftrimmer. Not bad for a beginner!

SHP_0080 SHP_0101 SHP_0135 SHP_0138 SHP_0143 SHP_0154 SHP_0162 SHP_0164 SHP_0179 SHP_0196 SHP_0226 SHP_0234 SHP_0240 SHP_0253 SHP_0285 SHP_0288 SHP_0291 SHP_0296 SHP_0302 SHP_0315 SHP_0329 SHP_0338 SHP_0360 SHP_0375 SHP_0380 SHP_0451

Rain stops play

SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_073 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_074 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_075Northants follow on !

SHP_9991 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_064 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_065 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_066 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_067 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_068 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_069 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_070 SHP_LAN_240614lanvnorthlve_071

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