Lancashire Lightning v Northants Steelbacks Royal London One-Day Cup

SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_022SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_023SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_024SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_025SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_026SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_027SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_028SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_001 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_002 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_003 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_004 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_005 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_006 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_007 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_008 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_009 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_010 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_011 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_012 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_013 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_014 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_015 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_016 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_017 SHP_LAN_020814rlodcvnorthants_018A rain delayed wait has been brightend up by a visit to the Press Gallery by former Lancashire star batsman Mal Loye. Here with Northants, and commentating on the game.

It was always a pleasure to photograph Mal batting at Old Trafford, you knew you would have a cracking picture within minutes of him coming in.SHP_LAN_vyorkst20_024JPG

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