NW T20 Blast Finals Day Edgbaston Lancashire Lightning v Warwickshire Bears Final

The Final was an emotional game for all. It was almost the fairytale ending we all hoped for!

I apologise for the photos not being in the time order they should be but it was a very long day!IMG_8702 IMG_8695SHP_0634SHP_0641SHP_0670SHP_0678SHP_0690SHP_0717SHP_0719SHP_0791SHP_0794SHP_0796SHP_0808SHP_0810SHP_0817SHP_0842IMG_8716 SHP_0653 SHP_0660 SHP_0662 SHP_0666 SHP_0684 SHP_0691 SHP_0706 SHP_0720 SHP_0725 SHP_0726 SHP_0733 SHP_0735 SHP_0739 SHP_0744 SHP_0755 SHP_0758 SHP_0763 SHP_0767 SHP_0781 SHP_0784 SHP_0786 SHP_0787IMG_8748IMG_8756IMG_8759

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