Lancs Friendly v Leeds-Bradford MCCU Day 1

Rain delays play after lunch

SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_020SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_021SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_003 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_004 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_005 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_006 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_007 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_008 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_009 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_010 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_011 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_012 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_013 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_014 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_015SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_016 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_017 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_018 SHP_LANCSCC_vleedsbrad_120412_019After a glorious week of warm sun, the weather returns to normal for Lancs first match at Old Trafford…….Dull, Cold and Windy!

Things hopefully will look up over the next three days. I need to get my shorts on!IMG_0823

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