Lancashire v Kent LV= Emirates Old Trafford Day 1

Alovely sunny start here this morning , but it’s a very chilly wind blowing around the ground.

SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_001 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_002 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_003 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_004 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_005 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_006 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_007 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_008 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_009 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_010 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_011

SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_014 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_015 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_016 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_017 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_018 SHP_LANCS_vkent260415_019

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